Learning is the consequence of an experience. By building life-like experiences in a virtual world, VR taps into the power of tech and creative storytelling to make learning immersive, retainable, explorable, seamless.


VR-based training goes beyond a lecture, a video, or a demonstration. With what is a truly immersive visual and tactile medium, virtual reality engages all senses to imprint training sessions on memory – all at a fraction of the cost.

You Take a Step – Technology takes a Leap

50% of global business leaders identify skill shortage as a key workforce challenge. By 2020, nearly 35% of the top skills needed across all job functions will change.85% of people believe they need new skills to stay relevant at work.

VR technology-enabled training can significantly reduce the time and cost spent on traditional training sessions. VR based training has shown to improve learning quality and retention by 76%. 

Virtual training happens in a simulated, contextual environment that envelops operators, technicians and engineers, so they can explore, investigate and learn to navigate scenarios that will arise in their working lives.

Why InGage for VR-based Training

Working closely with the managers and engineers of this company, we designed the most engaging VR experience that clearly demonstrated the safety procedures to be followed on-site by emulating real-life scenarios. People experiencing this found the training to be so immersive that they realized their lapse in following certain vital safety precautions, which could have potentially led to several near-death scenarios. Experience makes a man perfect they say, and this form of experiential training has been found to be more effective than the one rendered through written or video material.



We live, breathe, talk, walk VR. Our passion for this technology drives innovation, bringing great learning experiences for our customers.


We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and institutions to support their varied training and development efforts through VR.


Our unique multi-user functionality feature in training allows team members to collaborate with each other, train with an instructor, or do it independently.


VR cuts your time spent on traditional training methods by 50%.

Reduce Costs

VR streamlines training to reduce costs.

Cross Platform Development

Our design-centric VR development flow drives experiences across all Head Mounted Displays (HMD).

Randomized Scenarios

Expose trainees to a career’s worth of real-life scenarios in hours or days with our Randomisation Engine.

Data Tracking & Reporting

Track employee progress with advanced data tracking and real-time reporting at the team or individual user level.

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