Construction Company Case Study

The Challenge

Unskilled laborers engaged in construction works do not generally follow safety precautions, which puts their safety at stake. The hazardous practice, occurring due to a lack of awareness, results in significant losses to life, time and material. The traditional mode of on-site job training was not only expensive and time- consuming but was hardly catering to the safety needs of the workers. These factors prompted a major construction company to partner with us to help them bring a change in the way people are trained, in a manner that is cost-efficient and impactful.

The Solution

The construction company that chose to work with us for this endeavor highly regards the safety of its workers. And so, we helped them in creating real-site scenarios through a VR (Virtual Reality) experience that enables easier and efficient impartation of training and safety education for workers. The mode of training takes the worker through the experience while accessing their responses, thereby avoiding repeated mistakes.

Out of the Box

Working closely with the managers and engineers of this company, we designed the most engaging VR experience that clearly demonstrated the safety procedures to be followed on-site by emulating real-life scenarios. People experiencing this found the training to be so immersive that they realized their lapse in following certain vital safety precautions, which could have potentially led to several near-death scenarios. Experience makes a man perfect they say, and this form of experiential training has been found to be more effective than the one rendered through written or video material.

The Setup

Very cost-effective wireless VR headsets for portability and ease of deployment at remote places for workers. High-Performance HTC Vive VR for in-house training sessions for supervisors.

End Notes

The implementation of VR mode of training received a raving response, based on which the company has made it a prerequisite for many business tasks within the company. The construction giant also believes that the experience could enhance the effectiveness of training.